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Monday, July 14, 2014

A Day in Smithfield and My New Kitchen Counters

Smithfield Virginia (where they make the world famous Smithfield ham) is about 20 minutes away from us. The flavor is very much small-town America, with patriotic concerts on the lawn of their local paper Smithfield was founded in 1752 and many of the gorgeous old homes have been lovingly preserved,  They have such a sweet little shopping district.  After doing a bunch of mundane errands, such as buying my hair dye (ssssshhhh that's a secret) and printer cartridges, we decided to sneak away to Smithfield.

I this attorney's name always cracks me up.  Seriously?
Well, I guess he's being totally up front about who he is right from the start!
The dairy feed circular, metal advertising sign was purchased at Wharf Hill Antiques in Smithfield.  The owner has quite the discerning eye.  I feel inspired every time I stop by.

Wharf Hill Antiques Smithfield Virginia

They don't pay me to blog about them, nor do I receive a discount of any type. I just love the store.

Adorable gingerbreaded cottage in Smithfield.

This one is Bruce's favorite.
Smithfield dress shop.

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