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Monday, July 7, 2014

Flea Market Gardening Vintage Bike

I've been looking for a vintage bike for FOREVER to put in a certain area in my front yard.  I have a red vintage bike which I adore, but I ride around on it!  I've seen vintage bikes around here and there for over one hundred bucks...I don't THINK so, as Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women used to say (God rest Dixie Carter's soul....LOVE HER.)  Julia rants

I put the word out that I was looking for an old, broken-down bike for cheap or nothing.  Cheap is good, free is better, as a boss of mine used to say.  About a month later, a black, broken down bike with no gears was leaning against my front porch when I came home last week. The tires were flat, which suited me just fine because it doesn't need to go anywhere,

I painted it bright red (I should buy stock in Rustoleum) and found a basket for under $5 at Walmart.  It isn't a bike basket per se, but rather a wire basket that we attached to the handle bars with cable tie wraps.  I couldn't find a used bike basket anywhere and the cheapest I saw on line was $10 before shipping cost.  The pinwheels are from the Dollar Store.

This picture was a mistake as a put my cell phone in my pocket prior to the pinwheel addition .  When I looked at it, I kind of liked it.   The house you see is the Craftsman bungalow next door, which was once the mother-in-law's house for mine and was originally part of my property.

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