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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rainy Afternoon in Boykins, VA

Back to Saturday, we left Portsmouth after breakfast for the little town of Boykins, VA in Southampton County, VA.  Southampton borders North Carolina.  The railroads and agriculture built Southampton. This area was also the site of Nat Turner's Rebellion prior to the Civil War, an insurrection in which he and other slaves killed 55 people.
Boykins is much quieter these days, but still charming.  There are still a number of farms and livestock around.
We stopped at the Hungry Rooster and had an excellent lunch with great service for under $20.  They hadn't picked the Saturday dinner special yet when we were there.  I wonder what they filled in the blank space?
I loved this old sign hanging inside.  It made me hum King of the Road.
This Coke-swilling rock climber hanging from the ceiling was a clever display.
Our dear friend Mark recommended Boykins as a back roads driving destination.  Rather than sit and obsess about the rain and when the lights would go back on at home, we had a little adventure instead!

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