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Saturday, May 16, 2015

This Is What Courage Looks Like - Owen

Okay, I confess it.  I always thought Shriners were a little goofy with the Fez hat and riding around in parades on tiny little motorbikes.

However, Shriners Hospitals (in cooperation with God Almighty, Commander-in-Chief of the Universe or as we military families call him "CINC-U") make everyday miracles happen for kids like Owen.  Owen was burned by boiling water over 98% of his body and was given ZERO per cent chance of survival.

This is Owen Mahan with the University of Indianapolis Baseball Team management signing a contract in a special program which pairs up college athletes with special needs kids.

This is Owen and his foster Mom turned forever Mom.
And if Owen can face life with a smile, then surely we can, too.  The next time we wake up with aches in places we didn't know we had because of too much yard work and think to complain like I did this morning, keep Owen in mind.

This is what courage looks like, people.

Owen's Story


Alex M said...

We should all be thankful for what we have and realize that many others face challenges far more difficult than ours. Thanks for posting this, it's nice to have the reminder that challenge in the pre-cursor to success.

Sue Knott (formerly blogging as Mad Cow) said...

That puts things in nice perspective.

Terra said...

Wow, go Shriners and I pray this boy will have complete healing and loving people around him.