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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Labeling Things

I can't remember where I first saw someone using vintage Scrabble letters. It might have been Judy over at Anybody Home In any case, I now have become addicted to labeling items with the Scrabble letters or vintage blocks. I'm not sure what need it fills for me, but it somehow feels satisfying.
I have a confession to make about the crow. I don't think that was actually meant to be a crow. I got it at a garage sale. I think it may have been intended to be a dove, but it was painted a garish metallic gold. Thinking I could use it some day, I bought it.
This Halloween season, I saw a number of "blog girls" using crows in fall displays. Gotta love spray paint...and there you have it.


Judy said...

I just cannot stop labeling everything.

I would actually be happy to paint HOUSE in large block letters on my house.

No tattoes though. But I bet if I ever DID get one, I would label whatever body part it happened to land on.

Like, where most people get one that says "Mother" mine would say "ARM in a fancy script.

Annie said...

I have a sister 12 years young than I. My brother and I used to like to label her with blue magic marker. We used to write like "tummy" on her stomach. My mother used to have a fit.