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Monday, November 3, 2008

A Weekend Wandering Walk in Waterview

Bruce and I love to take long walks, especially on the weekend. Last Friday, I met with a retired Navy Captain about a special project I am working on for the City of Portsmouth. I had never been in his neighborhood of Waterview before, but it was breathtaking. Bruce and I returned for a walk over the weekend. Of course I thought about sharing it with all of you.
I love tudor-styled homes. I used to live in one when I was little on Knollwood Road, although it was painted white and red instead of the traditional creamy white and brown.
The homes in Waterview are situated around the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth. The Navy Captain's house is the white one with the red shutters. It was a lovely day in the high sixities. I hope you enjoy seeing the sights as much as we did. I usually take most of the pics for this blog, but all of the ones in this post are Bruce's. That's why none of them are blurry.

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