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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Carlos Wilson Died

This may not be a big deal to you, but it is a huge deal to all of us in the Tidewater area.  Carlos worked at the old-timey Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach for 73 years.  That is not a typo.  Can you imagine? He was working there when World War II ended.  I wrote about the Cavalier a few years ago.

You can read about this inspiring man in my local paper, the Virginian Pilot here:

I am surrounded by Pilot people.  I went to church with Ann Johnson, the research librarian.  Nancy next door is an editor. Aaron and Kate down the street are two married reporters.  Dave further on down is another reporter. And then there's my friend Martin Smith Rodden, an award-winning photo journalist. Martin lives over in the next neighborhood. He took his wife's name when they married, which is entirely too 1970's for me.  Makes him sound British, though.  All Americans think that anyone British sounds really smart.  I am the Queen of the Parenthetical Thought, aren't I?  Seriously.

Here is Carlos' advice to all:

Remember people’s names.
Show up on time, and you’re 90 percent ahead of everyone else.
Do more than you’re paid to do. One day it will pay off.
Respect is worth more than money.
Lies beget lies. Tell the truth about everything; deal with it and move on.
Life ought to be something to live, not fear.
Slow down

Now if anyone out there in Blogville could tell me why on earth the Google widget below is indicating all these random stories insted of my previous blog entry about the Cavalier , I'll buy you an eclair from the Marietta Diner.  I'm lying.

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