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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flat Iron Art

This New York City landmark has always fascinated me I love how it sits there in its place looking like the prow of a ship.
I had a fabulous breakfast across the street with the kind of potatoes they only really do right in New York, Something caught my eye at the very bottom of the building. The images were tough to photograph, so please bear with me.

At first, I did not understad what I was looking at. Then I realized that the artist, perhaps in a bow to economic times, perhaps just because she wanted it this way, had created mobiles from only plain white "to go" cups, magic markers, and fishing line. Please note the cup "painted" below as an homage to Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night," You can also see the reflectios of the City Market across the street and a truck driving by.  There are camera filters which can screen out such reflections, but I kinda like how this looks.
Here's another view, with an apartment building showing through from the other side. There look to be hundreds of cups. I thought the whole exhibit was so eye-catching, so creative, and so....well...different.

The artist is Gwyneth Leech. She is also a blogger and her blog can be found here

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