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Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Farm Stand Action - on Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village

You all know how I love farm stands.  And boy oh boy do I love a farm stand in New York City.

I'd like to live in the second-floor apartment on Bleecker Street, walk down a flight, and pick out my pumpkin.  I'd carve a man-in-the-moon kind of face (instead of anything horrifying) and put my pumpkin in the center window with a candle inside, to shine Autumn down on Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village. 

And every other week,those non-pumpkin weeks, I'd fill my apartment with something from the flower side of the farm stand like these:
So Van Gogh....
A sight like this provides me with the same sense of delight I feel when I see the rows and rows of varied color nail polish and lipstick in a discount store...only better!
On Bleecker Street
Simon and Garfunkel

A poet reads his crooked rhyme
Holy, holy is his sacrament
Thirty dollars pays your rent
On Bleeker Street

I head a church bell softly chime
In a melody sustainin'
It's a long road to Caanan
On Bleeker Street

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