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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cool Free Feature for an Android Phone

Bruce is always coming up with all these amazing programs for the computer and our Android phones.  For instance, last year when he was teaching at college, they needed a level for a project.  Everyone is looking around for one.  Bruce downloads a program which turns his cell phone into a level.  He has a flashlight program that turns the phone guessed it.  His phone, plugged into the car radio, reads him Scripture while he drives to work.  Another program plays different sounds to help encourage sleeping (not while driving, of course)..everything from rainstorms to city traffic.  I'm the one who likes the city traffic sounds.  All of the applications he chooses are free of charge.

I think he outdid himself with the latest one, called Sketch Guru.  This turns photos into various kinds of artwork.  He took a pic from a July 12 blog entry honoring my sister's birthday.  Using the "colored pencil" function, he turned it into the sketch above.  I just love the detail on the old milk bottle with the cow on it!

I think I'll keep him!  He also makes great coffee and a mean egg sandwich,.

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