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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday Treasures

We often take a country drive on Saturdays.  This time, we headed up north on the back country roads.

Yorktown has a great vintage store called Auntie YaYa's, where I found an old stepladder.  I've been wanting to find one reasonably priced for the longest time.  The ones I'd seen in the fancier, upscale antique stores were over $40 and all "rigged out," so to speak.  The one I bought was an honest little step ladder, unembellished, for an honest little price.  I can embellish for myself.  I "shopped my house" for the little items on the stepladder.  

We kept driving up to the Northern Neck area of Virginia, to Mathews County, another favorite, old-timey spot.   Doodle Bugs is a sweet little vintage place, also reasonably priced.  I think my suitcase "coffee table" is now complete with the help of the blue suitcases holding the magazines.

This picture makes it look like the world's longest coffee table.  It isn't, it is less than half the length of the couch,

I had to bring this beautiful cross-stitched table topper home for the living room corner where we often eat or work on our laptops.

The owner must have used some liquid starch on this.  I haven't seen it used in years.  I think I could have stood up the tablecloth on one side by itself it was so stiff,.  It did enhance the blue stitching so beautifully.

At one point, we were about 35 miles from home at Yorktown where General Cornwallis surrendered, ending the Revolutionary War.  Imagine our surprise to find our friend and neighbor, Neil, riding down the street.  Neil, say hi.  I am not sure which one of us was the most surprised to see the other so far from the neighborhood.
We headed home about 4 p.m.  I spent the evening fussing around to get everything in its proper place.

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